Xylophobe: Enraged woman attacked man because of his xylophone playing

Here's a story that could only come out of Florida, where a woman was charged in connection with a xylophone rage incident.

Investigators say April Encarnacion, 43, was collared this month on a domestic battery charge following an incident at her home in Fort Walton Beach.

(April Encarnacion: Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office)

She had been in the kitchen while the male victim was playing a xylophone. She wasn't in to the music and asked him to stop. When he refused Encarnacion proceeded to "dump a pot of cold cooking grease on him."

A responding officer noted that the victim had wet spots on his shirt and shorts, and that there was a puddle of liquid on the ground where the victim was sitting near the xylophone.”

Encarnacion confessed to the attach and was charged with misdemeanor battery. She's an unemployed house keeper who is already serving probation in connection with battery of a police officer in 2015.

She pleaded no contest to that incident. This doesn't sound like a happy lady. She clearly needs to work some things out in her life.

Read more at the Smoking Gun.

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