Trump's latest executive order could open California coast to oil and gas drilling

President Trump is expected to sign an order on Friday that could open the California coast and the Arctic up to new oil and gas drilling. The order has already angered conservation and liberal groups before details about the order were made clear. 

The move is meant to undo a plan finalized during President's Obama's final term in office. Obama's Administration wanted to limit fossil fuel development by not offering new drilling leases off the coast of California or Alaska during a five-year plan that goes through 2022.

Called the America First Offshore Energy Executive Order, it would also remove the permanent ban on drilling in most of the Arctic's Beaufort and Chukchi seas that was announced during Obama's second term.

The move is expected to draw legal challenges and public outcry from a population who still remember the devastating oil spills from years past. 

27 oil platforms still operate off the coast of California, but new leases for drilling have been banned in California's state waters since 1969.

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