Why you should be excited for the NFL draft!

The NFL draft starts today and is a vital part in developing a great football season. Here are some reasons why you should be excited for this year’s NFL draft.

First, the draft always has taken place indoors, such as ballrooms and music halls. However, for the first time in ‘modern NFL history,’ the draft is going to take place outside in Philadelphia.

In regards to prospects for the draft, there are four quarterbacks competing for ‘first-round positions’ and the choice is tough between the talented players.

This particular draft features prospects with both speed records and versatile running backs. John Ross III, a Washington wide receiver, ran a 4.25-second 40 last off-season; and he had been just recovering a knee injury.

For the second time in the NFL draft history, three defensive backs might have a chance to be chosen from the same school: Ohio State. The only time this had happened was back during the 2002 draft.

Obi Melifonwu, who comes in at 6’4”, 224 pounds, has already ‘won’ the pre-draft process. He is a former Connecticut safety who had the ‘tallest’ and ‘heaviest’ defensive back at the Senior Bowl. Melifonwu has some great chances at the draft.

James Conner, a Pittsburgh running back, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

“I chose not to fear cancer. We’re going to fight, and we’re going to beat this thing,” said Conner. His positive thinking and attitude prevailed and he beat his cancer. With the Panthers as a senior, Conner scored 20 touchdowns and rushed around 1,000 yards. His story is a powerful one and the draft claims he could even be a ‘Day 3 pick.’

Steve Tu’ikolovatu lived in his car before his official transfer to USC. He lived in his 2004 Chevrolet Suburban for about six weeks but that sacrifice and hardship just might pay off at the draft.

The NFL draft is an exciting time and promises to deliver great players for the upcoming season.  It's the ultimate reality show!

See the full story and list of reasons to be excited on BleacherReport.com. And if you want to know what time your team will pick, see the times on FoxSports.com. 

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