New Species Of Jumping Spider Discovered In Orange County

While the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie is still a few months away, there is some good spider-news for all you arachnophiles out there. A new spider species has been discovered by a UC Berkeley student in Orange County. 

Cody Raiza was out hiking on a trail in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park earlier this month with the goal of finding jumping spiders after being inspired to focus her research on them by a former college professor of hers. It was during her hike, that she came across a few bright orange creatures that resembled ants. 

Raiza met her former college professor Lenny Vincent on a different part of the trail and they discovered more of the orange creatures. 

Neither Raiza or her professor could identify the spiders, so Vincent took some home to take photos and do some more investigation according to the Los Angeles Times.

Vincent sent the photos to two people who specialize in spiders who told him that the bright orange insects were 'undescribed' - that is, the species had not been named in published literature. 

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