LAPD Organizes Blood Marrow Drives for Fellow Officer

For the Los Angeles Police Department's Harbor Division, their bond runs deep.

Officers there are coming together to support one of their own as he seeks treatment for a life-threatening illness.

Officer Matthew Medina was diagnosed with aplastic anemia--a disease where his bone marrow will stop making new blood cells, which will weaken his immune system.

He needs a bone marrow transplant, but because he is Filipino, finding a match is difficult because the bone marrow registry has a shortage of Asian donors.

Medina's fellow officers and his family are organizing drives to find him a match.

There are about 75,000 in the US looking for bone marrow donors.

Any one between the ages of 18-44 can register for the registry and all it takes to test your compatibility is four cheek swabs.

Medina's partner Dante Pagaulayan has been his best friend since high school and says the test is life saving.

"If you're a match, I'd like it to be for Matt, but if it's not for Matt then you can be the miracle for somebody else."

Medina also says he's incredibly grateful for the support from his colleagues.

"They're just like a second family...they've been there since day one. Everything I need and my family needs they provide. It's an awesome feeling."

If you'd like to help Officer Medina, or register to be a donor for someone else in need check out their Facebook page Match4Matt for more information on their events.

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