Hack in a Dumpster: Sen. Josh Newman, who voted for gas and car tax hike

(Senator Josh Newman, D-Fullerton)

Today Governor Brown signed the gas tax hike, screwing all Californians from now until the end of time.

One of the people responsible for getting this abomination passed is State Senator Josh Newman. He's a new senator out of Fullerton, who just got in office and voted to raise your taxes through the roof.

This guy needs to go. That's why we're teaming up with our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego to recall Josh Newman and repeal the tax hike.

Click here for more details on that.

Newman is a naive weasel, who actually believes that the money will go to roads and nothing else. He believes that the money will be protected. He just wants to fix potholes, right?!

We already know that the money won't go to repairing roads. In fact, slimy legislators are already trying to divert the money for other causes.

So Newman gets the dumpster, and we're going to get him out of office. Svetlana, angry Ukrainians, Trump loving Serbians, grab Newman and throw him in the dumpster!

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