Botfly larvae burst out of woman's leg

(Credit: AsiaWire)

It wouldn't be the John and Ken Show if we didn't tell you about a disgusting, stomach-churning story. So here we go!

A Chinese woman, known only by her surname Gu, was bitten by a "peanut-sized insect" while on a trip to the Brazilian rainforest.

After she got back to Shanghai, she noticed that the lump left by the bite had split open and was twitching and writhing.

Then she was horrified, when she discovered larvae burst out from underneath her skin.

She was most likely bitten by a human botfly, which had been carrying eggs. What's a human botfly, you ask? Here you go:

"Human botflies are small, hairy insects that live in Central and South America. Botflies do not burrow into the skin, but lay their eggs on mosquitoes, ticks or other flies. When one of these insects bites a human, their body heat triggers the botflies' eggs to hatch into maggots. A hole in the lump allows the maggots to breath while they feed off blood and tissue. As the maggot grows, it swells under the skin, causing a boil-like lump and sometimes intense pain. Infested individuals may feel wriggling beneath the skin. Unless removed, the maggots will emerge from the hole in six to eight weeks."

Doctors found two more larvae buried under her skin, which had yet to emerge. Luckily Gu had all of her maggots removed and she's recovering just fine.

Is your skin crawling yet?

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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