Trump's new VOICE hotline innudated with calls about illegal aliens - Space Aliens

Any idea, good or bad, will immediately be met with ridicule and trolling if unleashed without a moderating presence on the internet - A new rule for the GOP dealing with the internet probably.

After President Trump's executive order in January ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create a new office to help protect victims of crime from illegal immigrants, a national hotline was established for people to report criminal incidents. 

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced the Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement office on Wednesday (also known as VOICE) along with a hotline designed to help law enforcement crack down on illegal immigrant crime. The office is designed to cover victims of any crime with an immigration next according to officials who spoke with CNN.  

However, activists against Trump's executive actions on immigration quickly organized a way to effectively overwhelm the voicemail with complaints about crimes committed by space aliens. 

The hashtag #AlienDay quickly went viral as folks picked up on the idea to call the hotline and report activity by suspicious persons they didn't think belonged in the U.S. - that is - space aliens, little green men and greys. 

One unfortunate coincidence for the newly unveiled hotline, is that it was done on Alien Day (a promotion that backed by the Alien film franchise's producers every year) which only encouraged the trolling by folks from the internet. 

While crime committed by illegal immigrants has become a big story recently after the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco made headlines, a study from the American Immigration Council shows that immigrant men between the ages of 18-49 are far less likely to engage in criminal activity, versus those who are native-born in the US. 

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