Michigan police warn of 'very pushy, rough and scruffy' door-to-door meat salesmen

Michigan State Police are warning Northern Michigan residents of "rough and scruffy" men going door-to-door trying to sell meat.

Police were contacted about two men with a small white pickup truck trying to sell meat out of the back of it.

One of the men is heavy and in his 50s, with dark complexion. The other is white with red-blond hair, and is in his 30s with a medium build.

People say the men approach the house and offer sell you meats listed on a brochure.

Sometimes they'll accept a "no" response if people aren't interested in the meats, but other times the men become "very pushy" and keep trying to sell the meat until they are escorted off the property.

One resident said one of the men asked to use his bathroom. Another said the men seemed drunk.

The truck they drive is a beat-up white Chevy or Toyota with Florida plates, and doesn't appear to have a refrigerator unit. 

So they're pushing warm meats from their truck?! Yuck!

It's most likely that the men are casing homes to see what kind of valuables they can steal. With all of the "knock-knock" burglaries we have in Southern California, this is yet another thing to look out for.

Beware the scruffy meat salesman.

Read more at MLive.

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