LA Council Candidate Makes Fun of...Everyone

City Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali is back in the hot seat after it was discovered he posted derogatory comments about the black and transgender communities, the mentally disabled and people who are overweight.

It is reported Bray-Ali had posted on a racist forum dedicated to the expressing of hatred of black people.

Newly reported comments appeared on a forum called Voat under an online alias--ubrayj02.

This name was found to be attached to Bray-Ali's social media accounts on Myspace, Flickr and YouTube that had been active for more than a decade.

On the various posts he made racial comments against black people and didn't denounce others who used other foul language.

In another forum called "v/FATPEOPLEHATE"  he commented on the story of an overweight woman who was accused of aiding in the abuse of her daughter by saying:

"If they keep her on a diet, that won't be a long lifetime."

In a separate forum, Bray-Ali said gender reassignment surgery for transgender people was something that should be criticized.

Last week, Bray-Ali was under fire for a video he made almost a decade ago where he made racial comments about Mexicans.

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