United's Year of Hell Continues After Golfer Posts Photo of Broken Clubs

Anyone not living in a cave over the last few weeks already knows the story of Dr. David Dao - the man United dragged off one of its flights after they overbooked the plane and needed to get their crew to another city. 

Then came the story about an Irvine man being threatened with handcuffs to give up his seat for a 'higher priority passenger'. 

Then yesterday, one of the world's largest rabbits (appropriately named Simon) was en route to its new owner on a United flight. But, when the giant rabbit arrived at Chicago O'Hare International airport, he was discovered to have died during the flight. 

And now, pro golfer and five time Web.com winner Mat Goggin has posted a United heartbreak of his own on Twitter. When he arrived and picked up his baggage, he was dismayed to see that his golf clubs had suffered a rough ride of its own on United. 

Fortunately for Mat, the person running Taylor Made's Twitter account spotted Mat's problems with United and offered to make him whole. 

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