To Catch a Murderer: Fitbit Edition

A man has been charged with killing his wife after police say his story fell apart and was contradicted when they took a look at her Fitbit data.

Forty-year-old Richard Dabate claims his wife Connie was shot and killed by an intruder an hour before her Fitbit recorded her last movements.

He told officers she was killed by a home intruder after he had returned home at 9:00 pm from dropping off his two sons.

He claimed the intruder was tall, obese, had a deep voice like Vin Diesel and was wearing a mask and camouflage. 

Connie was shot twice, one bullet hitting her in the back of the head with a gun her husband had purchased two months prior.

Dabate also claims the intruder had tied him up after fighting with him.

Officers say they found him with minor knife wounds and had an arm and leg bound by zip ties to a chair in the kitchen.

His story began to unravel when investigators say there was no physical evidence to indicate there was a struggle and looking at Connie's Fitbit data, they saw she last moved at 10:05 pm.

Detectives also uncovered Dabate's affair with a woman who is expecting his child and a text message sent to Connie a year ago asking for a divorce.

Dabate is out of custody on $1 million bail and is set to go to trial this week.

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