Federal prosecutors seek two-year sentence for Lee Baca

Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca will be sentenced next month, and federal prosecutors are going to try to get him a two year sentence.

They say they took Baca's age and the fact that he has Alzheimer's disease into account when recommending the sentence. If he didn't have the condition, they said he should have served up to four years and three months in prison.

Their document read:

“Defendant’s age and cognitive condition call for a below-Guideline sentence because the interests of justice will not be served by defendant spending many years behind bars in a severely impaired state."

Give him the four years and three months! This guy knew what he was doing! We all know that whatever time he serves is going to be pretty cushy anyway.

Baca's attorney Nathan Hochman wants him to be sentenced to house arrest, citing the Alzheimer's once again:

“This diagnosis is a sentence of its own. It is a sentence that will leave him a mere shell of his former self and one that will rob him of the memories of his life. Ultimately, he won’t remember the decades he devoted to his community or the people whose lives he helped change for the better, not to mention the names or memories of his friends and family.”

That's a lawyer if we've ever heard one.

Baca will be sentenced on May 12th.

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