Ann Coulter Will Speak at UC Berkeley

The final word from Ann Coulter has been brought down; she is coming to speak at UC Berkeley invited or not.

The school originally cancelled then tried to reschedule the conservative author's appearance on campus.

Each time Coulter hit back saying she wouldn't take the changes sitting down.

The university wanted to push back her appearance because of three major violent outbursts this year between left and right groups.

In February, a campus event with former Breitbart news editor Milo Yiannopoulos was shut down when the venue was swarmed with protesters in masks.

They caused major damage to the campus as well as assaulting other students.

Two other rallies were held by conservative groups on school grounds and both ended with violent clashes, property damage and arrests.

Regardless, Coulter is sticking to her guns and is making her way to the UC.

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