#TastyTuesday: Flies on your food, two breakfasts, and more!

Scientists have concluded that a fly landing on your food is very bad compared to other insects. 

Flies actually spread more germs when the insects land on the food. The reasoning behind this is because flies consume garbage, animal carcasses and other grotesque items.

This might not seem too bad but flies can’t chew. This means that in order to eat, flies must spit enzymes onto their food which dissolves it so they can ‘slurp it up.’

Flies can also easily carry bacteria and viruses on their bodies. So when the insects land on your food, it only takes one second for all that bacteria to inhabit that meal of yours.

On an even more stomach churning note, flies can spread diseases like cholera and scientists recommend that it is for the best to avoid eating foods that flies land on.

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Two Breakfasts

Eating more than one breakfast is becoming common among Americans. With busy lives, a sit down breakfast is hardly possible. So people eat something quick on the go and then have another small meal after they get to work.

According to Nielson, the sale of frozen breakfast foods has risen 24% just over the past few years.

“We’re still having lunches the way we typically would, and dinners, too,” said Darren Seifer, food and beverage industry analyst for market researcher NPD Group. “It’s breakfast that’s getting more fragmented.”

Jeanine Bassett, vice president of global consumer insights at General Mills Inc., said second breakfasts aren’t big but are more savory than what people have for first breakfasts.

Social media is also seeing the popularity of this new habit. On Instagram, #secondbreakfast has more than 87,000 posts.

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Eating eggs for breakfast can actually improve weight loss. A study shows that those who ate two eggs for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight and had more energy compared to those who had a bagel instead.

Eggs also contain a substantial amount of protein.

“Eggs are a good source of all-natural, high-quality protein, so they can help keep you satisfied longer, making it easier to resist tempting snacks,” said Jackie Newgent, a registered dietician and chef.

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Eating Moldy Bread

If you have spotted mold on a piece of bread and immediately threw away the slice along with the rest of the loaf, you made the right decision.

Food experts said that ‘moldy bread is bad news.’

Some  mold that has spread can actually be invisible to the naked eye, said Marianne Gravely, a senior technical information specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Even though bread may be sliced, that doesn’t mean the mold has already spread to other slices.

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New McDonald's Uniforms

McDonald’s is changing its uniforms and the responses aren’t all positive and enthusiastic.

The uniforms are a gray, ‘monochrome’ color and starting this month, 850,000 employees at all McDonald’s 14,000 locations in the U.S. will start wearing them.

Waraire Boswell, who has dressed celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, designed the new uniforms.

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