Student Recording of Teacher’s Anti-Trump Comments Inspires Whistleblower Legislation

California state Sen. John Moorlach is proposing legislation that protects student whistleblowers after a student at Orange Coast College recorded a teacher’s anti-Trump comments.

The law currently stands that students aren’t allowed to record in community college classrooms without the permission of the instructor. This new legislation would allow students to record speech if they “reasonably believe” it violates a law. Moorlach’s legislation will go before the Senate’s Judiciary Committee today.

The Republican representing Costa-Mesa says: “There has to be some ability to provide whistleblower safeguards like we have in the workplace. What kind of workplace-type protections do we have for kids in the classroom so they are not retaliated against? We couldn’t find any.”

A student at OCC was suspended earlier this year for recording a female professor’s comments criticizing Donald Trump. The suspension was rescinded after backlash from Republican politicians.

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