Sonic Puts Up New Sign, Twitter Loses It

"When the fast food franchise wars were over, the only restaurant left standing was Taco Bell."

(Or Pizza Hut depending on whatever country you're watching Demolition Man in). 

It may not be a full fledged franchise war yet, but between Wendy's throwing shade at McDonalds online, now Sonic is getting in on the trolling of the Golden Arches. 

A Sonic drive-in in Alabama took the trolling crown temporarily away from Wendy's after posting this sign that teases McDonalds and their seemingly constantly broken ice-cream machine. 

But, once their national headquarters found out about the newly viral sign, they made the Sonic take it down. 

However, that didn't keep whoever it is that's responsible for that franchise's sign from throwing down against their corporate overlords.

Keep on, keepin' on Sonic. 

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