Car Theft Suspect Killed After Leading Police on Chase in Long Beach

If your morning commute looks rougher than usual, that might be because of a high speed chase in the Long Beach-area. Police say they're pursuing a stolen vehicle through surface streets and freeways, including the 710 and 105 freeway. 

Officials believe there are two people inside the car. During the pursuit, police say a gun was thrown out of the car at some point during the pursuit. 

The chase ended after the driver found himself blocked in by a locked gate at a self-storage facility. After police cut off the suspect's escape from behind, the driver turned his vehicle around and continued to move towards officers. Police opened fire, fatally shooting the driver. 

A second passenger crawled out of the car, and surrendered to police.

Los Angeles police chased a second, stolen truck that was driving erratically on freeways, narrowly missing other vehicles. That driver was taken into custody after attempting to carjack a second truck in Van Nuys.

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