Endangered white rhino gives up on love, signs up for Tinder

While dating can sometimes feel like a black hole of suck here in Los Angeles, that's nothing compared to the plight of the last known northern African White Rhino. With only 17,000 other potential female white rhinos to choose from, an odd-toed ungulate's options can be pretty limited. 

Fortunately, Tinder has stepped in to help the 42-year-old northern white rhino named Sudan to meet his match and save his species from extinction. 

The dating app partnered with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy to help raise money and awareness about their conservation efforts, Sudan's profile on Tinder as the last known northern white rhino on the planet will help the conservancy raise money for ongoing research into reproductive techniques that could help extend Sudan's species.

Sudan lives at a Kenyan conservancy along with two female rhinos named Najin and Fatu, but they're unable to breed with the last northern white rhino for a variety of reasons (old age being the main one). However, with his shiny new Tinder bio, Sudan may not have to wait long for companionship.

Starting today, users will see Sudan's profile appear among other potential dates. After swiping right on the rhino's profile, users will receive a link to donate. Funds raised from Sudan's adventures on Tinder will go towards ongoing research into Assisted Reproductive Techniques (and quite possibly a steak dinner at Mortons. You don't want Sudan to cheap out on the date after all). 

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