Assemblyman Vince Fong on sneaky gas tax deals

Getting SB1 passed has to be one of the slimiest things our state government has ever done. $1 billion in back room deals were handed out, bribing legislators to vote in favor of the gas tax hike.

The law was broken, but Jerry Brown says that's just how business is done. We now know that Democrats are already trying to divert the money for other projects. Projects that have nothing to do with road repair.

Assemblyman Vince Fong from Bakersfield has been one of the few leaders in California fighting to expose the truth behind this tax increase:

"U.S. News recently released a report ranking all of the states on budget transparency. Where did California rank on that list? Dead last — 50 out of 50. The entire study was based on one simple and common sense metric: how easily the public can access the state’s spending data. This is deeply concerning in light of Sacramento’s passage of the largest gas tax in state history.

This proposal, which I strongly opposed, will put in place a 12 cent gas tax increase, a 20 cent diesel tax increase, and an increase in the vehicle license fee by up to $175 per vehicle. However, the governor has not yet signed this bill because he is waiting for the passage of a separate budget bill that includes $1 billion in backroom deals in order to jam through these major tax increases.

This budget bill is expected to be taken up on Monday and will be rushed through the Legislature as well. This epitomizes what is wrong with Sacramento and the ugliness of the status quo that breeds distrust of our government. This entire process shows the need for real budget transparency..."

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