Woman arrested for inhaling laughing gas in front of police

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A California woman was arrested after inhaling shots of nitrous oxide (also known to the kids these days as laughing gas) while speaking with police. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that officers were responding to a call on Saturday about a woman who had a pistol in her car in the parking lot of a Santa Rosa hospital. When they approached the woman and tried to talk with her and the other passengers in the car, she began "taking hits off a whip-it cracker" in an attempt to get high.

Police removed the woman from her car where they say they found a semi-automatic pistol. 

The suspect was arrested for inhaling nitrous oxide with the intent to get high as well as carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle. Police say that they don't believe she waved or brandished the weapon at anyone walking outside the hospital. 

Bail was set at $10,000 and she's set to appear in court on Tuesday. 

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