New wearable TAP cards unveiled by Metro

Metro is experimenting with a new wearable wristband riders can use to swipe their way onto their commute. 

The time-saving fashion accessory would be used instead of the agency's reloadable TAP cards which allows holders to board LA County's buses and trains run by any of the agencies 26 transportation agencies. 

The plain white band on display at last Wednesday's Metro committee meeting is hardly a fashion statement, but it is a potentially helpful tool for those with disabilities. Designed by Oberthur Technologies, the new wristbands are being tested by a group of 20 to 25 passengers with disabilities according to a report by the LAist

Meanwhile, with the popularity of people using their phones to pay for items at stores, Metrolink is looking into creating a phone-based payment system you could use the next time you board a bus or train. Riders of California's Metrolink trains already enjoy that system.  

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