Market Monday with Rebecca Jarvis

ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is not able to join us today for Market Monday, but she has a new episode of her show "No Limits" coming out tomorrow.  Rebecca Jarvis speaks with the world's most influential women about how they built their empires -- from their earliest mistakes to their riskiest decisions to the worst advice they ever received to the moments that finally changed everything. New episodes every Tuesday morning.

This week's guest is HBO Veep’s Anna Chlumsky. Emmy nominated actress, Anna Chlumsky first gained notoriety when she was only 10 years old. She starred in the movie My Girlalongside Macaulay Cullkin and to the outside world it may have seemed like she was well on her way. But by the time she got to college at the University of Chicago (with Rebecca!) she had sworn off acting. After graduating, she moved to New York to work for Zagat and potentially pursue a career in publishing. After 2 years in the publishing world, she began to rediscover her love of acting. She started to pursue her craft with full force, honing her talent with classes and performing free shows for the experience. Today she is one of the stars of HBO’s Emmy nominated comedy, Veep entering its 6th season with no end in sight. So how did she go from performing free plays in a basement in Queens to HBO? Find out and get to know Anna Chlumsky on this episode of “No Limits with Rebecca”.

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