California's Bullet Train Head Steps Down

California bullet train Chief Executive Jeff Morales is stepping down as head of the agency in June.

This ends his five years on the job after having mixed results on the $64 billion dollar project.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority did not give a reason as to why Morales is leaving but Governor Brown says he appreciated his work.

 “Jeff was instrumental at a crucial point in time and led California’s … project through a very challenging period.”

Morales was able to secure legislative approval for additional state funding, but the project fell seven years behind schedule.

He also had issues trying to acquire the property needed and caused the lead contractor to file a $50 million claim because of the delays.

Many speculate that Morales leaving the job was due to exhaustion dealing with all of the project's problems and others say while he helped to keep the project alive politically he couldn't manage the actual operation.

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