UC Berkeley Gives Ann Coulter the OK to Visit

UC Berkeley has decided to allow conservative author Ann Coulter speak at their campus after initially cancelling her appearance.

University chancellor Nicholas Dirks says the school had cancelled the event because police had knowledge of threats that could have posed a danger to Coulter had she appeared. 

“We have an unwavering commitment to providing for the safety and well-being of speakers who come to campus, our students and other members of our campus and surrounding communities...while there may, at times, be tension between these paired commitments, we cannot compromise either.”

After the initial cancellation, the university says they would try to reschedule her appearance to September, but was able to find a venue suitable for the event for May 2nd. 

Coulter rejected the offer, saying she will go to the campus on her originally scheduled date. 

A lawyer representing the group that invited Coulter to the campus says they will file a lawsuit against the university if they do not let her come on her originally scheduled day.

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