Sen. Diane Feinstein Fields Tough Questions at Town Hall

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Senator Diane Feinstein spoke to a crowd of frustrated constituents on Thursday morning during a town hall at the First AME Church in South Los Angeles. 

The event drew around a thousand people who were not shy about shouting their disappointment with the Senator. 

When asked if she would consider co-sponsoring a single-payer healthcare bill with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, she said no. 

"Not at this stage," Feinstein said. 

The crowd was not happy with her answer.

Issues like race relations, immigration, transportation and Aliso Canyon were also raised during the town hall. 

Feinstein has served in the Senate, representing California since 1992. When one person asked the Senator how she felt about term limits, Feinstien said that limits should not be set. The Senator will be up for election in 2018 and would not say whether or not she plans to seek reelection. At 83, Feinstein is currently the oldest Senator currently serving. 

"I see myself as a senator representing all of California, I've tried very hard to do that." 

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