Santa Rosa Man Possibly Unclear On Mobile Deposit Concept

Photo Credit: Getty Images

While technology and mobile apps can be confusing for many, one Santa Rosa man may be going to jail because of his misunderstanding of how mobile deposit works. 

Police say 23-year-old Logan Scott walked into a Chase Bank branch on Stony Point Road on Thursday with an unloaded 12 gauge shotgun strapped across his back. He approached the tellers and demanded that the bank cash physical checks he had previously deposited through the bank's mobile app a few days before. 

Santa Rosa Press Democrat that Logan was frustrated with what he considered poor customer service from the bank and thought that the shotgun would help intimidate them into giving him his money. Police say Logan left the bank, and returned the weapon to his car, before returning to the bank and demanding assistance once again. He was arrested the second time he left the bank. 

Logan has been booked on a charge of attempted robbery and remains in jail. Police are asking anyone with any information about the crime to call the violent crimes investigation team at (707) 543-3590. 

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