Riverside Jail Hunger Strike In 7th Day

It's the seventh day of a hunger strike at the Riverside jailhouse. Sheriff's deputies say that 27 inmates at the Robert Presley Detention Center are protest policies they are calling unfair.

Prisoners say they're being treated unfairly because of restrictions on when they can use phones, limited time in the day room, as well as the procedures used when assigning inmates to solitary confinement. 

None of the hunger strike participants have shown any medical issues so far according to sheriff's deputies. 

According to the Desert Sun, prisoners have also filed at least 50 lawsuits over what they consider unsanitary conditions thanks to toilets that splash sewage on their cell floors. The lawsuits claim that if an inmate flushes their toliet, the toilets in neighboring cells splatter and overflow. The lawsuits also claim that jail staff won't provide cleaning supplies to the inmates to sanitize their cell. Inmates have been forced to use their own bar soap and towel the floor. 

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