Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Now Available In UC Davis Vending Machine

Photo Credit: Getty Images

UC Davis is selling emergency contraception in a vending machine on campus according to a report from KRON4

Davis is among the first college campuses who will offer Plan B to students in a vending machine. Called the "Wellness To Go" Machine, it will also offer personal care items like condoms, tampons and pregnancy tests in addition to the Plan B pill. 

Appropriately enough, the machine is located near the activities and recreation center. Davis is one of four campuses nationwide to offer this kind of access to emergency contraception to students. 

Under the Obama Administration, Plan B became available to women of all ages without a prescription back in 2013. Opponents of the vending machine say that making the Plan B pill easily available will encourage students to rely on that instead of other forms of contraception. 

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