LAPD Shows off Stolen Loot

Hundreds of stolen purses, coins, collectibles, and other items were displayed by LAPD burglary detectives Friday -- with the hope of finding the rightful owners.

The items were taken during thefts all over Southern California by a number of different robbers, thieves, or burglars, and were discovered last year when investigators raided a business in South L.A. that regularly sold stolen merchandise.

"Our belief is a number of suspects would fence the items to this particular business," said LAPD Capt. Charles Hearn, who heads the Commercial Crimes detail.

"The department is looking to find the victims of the burglaries that happened all over Los Angeles," he said.

Some of the items were unique, like wedding rings and collections of unusual coins.

-- Eric Leonard (@LeonardFiles) at LAPD Headquarters

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