If you don't shower for a year, gross things will happen to you

An article in USA Today asks the question, "What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?" It's no surprise to find out that some pretty gross stuff happens to your body:

  • You'd smell
  • Brown clumps would grow on you
  • You'd be at a higher risk of infection
  • Your head would itch
  • You would get acne or puss bumps
  • The groin region will have problems

And here's our favorite: You'll get scum between the toes:

"Dead skin would build up between your toes and become crusty. It could then harbor fungus, which could be transferred to your groin while putting your feet through your pants or underwear."

While doctors say you don't need to shower everyday, we say that you should. 

Please, shower. If you don't you'll smell, have a troubled crotch, and have scum between your toes.

Scum between your toes!!!

Read more at USA Today.

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