A fighter pilot and a meteorologist are vying to become Germany's first female astronaut

It sounds like something straight out of a movie, two women competing to become Germany’s first female astronaut.

A private group is raising funds to hopefully send a German woman to the International Space Station by 2020.

A panel of experts picked the two finalists — German air force Eurofighter jet pilot Maj. Nicola Baumann and meteorologist Insa Thiele-Eich.

The script practically writes itself: it’s a twist on the brainiac versus the jock. Obviously that description is boiling it down to extremely superficial descriptions as I am sure they both are extremely bright and physically capable of doing the job at hand.

Some people online were upset that only one of them would be chosen. One Facebook user wondered: “Why are we pinning them against each other to be THE first one? Can't they both make it and become the first female astronauts at the same time...? Why not just celebrate the achievements of both women without turning it into a competition on who can be the best?”

The two will embark on two years of vigorous training before one is chosen to be the first German woman to go to space.

May the best woman win! 

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