Think You're Having A Bad Day?

Ah, the Cajon Pass....Anyone who has traveled by car to and from Vegas is very familiar with it.

On any normal day, you will encounter trucks, a LOT of trucks there, and if you're not paying attention to what you're doing, things can get pretty dangerous.

It did for one guy in Nissan Maxima, and a guy named Brian Steimke caught it all on camera and posted it on Facebook.

Here's the deal, somehow, somewhere on Wednesday afternoon, the Nissan collided with a transport truck from Mike Lowrie Transportation, headquartered in Dixon, California (according to the wording on the truck's driver door) or vice versa.

The problem is, ONE person involved in the incident had NO IDEA it happened.

Steimke says he witnessed the truck driving FOR ABOUT FOUR MILES on the 15, seemingly clueless that a car was lodged into the side of his truck or that the driver of the Nissan was trying to get his attention TO GET HIM TO STOP!

Steimke pulled out his phone to catch the scene (which, if you're driving, we, of course, do NOT recommend you do).  Here's what he caught.  

Steimke pulled ahead of the truck and somehow alerted the driver to the fact that a car was wedged into the side of his truck and the truck driver eventually pulled over.

According to NBC 4:

"The truck driver said he did not know another car was attached to his vehicle.  Once the driver was freed from the vehicle, he asked the witness to stop recording.  

The California Highway Patrol confirmed the incident.  It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured."

Steimke kept recording until the driver of the Nissan asked him to stop.

From the looks of the video, the driver of the Nissan looked to be ok, but his car sure isn't.

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