Semi drags car through Cajon Pass

A driver going through the Cajon Pass caught crazy footage of a semitruck dragging a crunched sedan along the freeway.

It happened yesterday around 3:20pm, when a sedan somehow got stuck underneath the huge semi hauling carrots.

The video shows the driver of the sedan pleading for help and waving his arms out of the window.

After finally getting the semi driver to stop, the guy filming confronts him about driving for so long with a car stuck underneath him.

The semi driver said he had no idea there was something wrong.

Luckily the sedan driver didn't have any serious injuries, but his car sure got wrecked.

CHP said:

"There did not appear to be any mechanical issues with tractor-trailer combination, which were a factor in the collision."

The semi driver, whose truck is registered to Mike Lowrie Trucking from Dixon in Northern California, was allowed to drive away from the scene.

Let this be a reminder to all drivers to be careful out there. That goes for drivers of little cars and drivers of semitrucks!

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