Man Sets Up His Cheating Girlfriend With Wedding Proposal

Cheaters never prosper, and this cheater isn't getting married anytime soon. At least, not to this man who discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man. 

Instead of just walking away, the wronged boyfriend decided to get a bit of revenge. 

In a pair of videos posted online at the Daily Mail, the boyfriend is seen surprising his (soon-to-be) ex-girlfriend and getting down on one knee with what looks like a romantic proposal. 

Seeing him, the pair hug, and chat briefly before he lowers down to one knee. The woman raises her hands to her face, looking shocked while the man looks around nervously. 

That's when the door opens and the other man walks in. He approaches the pair, but the woman doesn't seem to react, and instead continues to concentrate on her boyfriend who is still on one knee. 

That's when the other shoe drops, and she realizes what's going on. The second man reveals what's happening as he shouts at her that she "...had two good men! Two good f***ing men!" 

A voice from off-screen tells the jilted boyfriend to relax as he continues to berate her. 

Sensing that it's time to retreat from the situation, the woman backs away and exits. After she leaves, the two men reveal that she had been seeing the both of them for months and one had even purchased a car for her. 

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