LA City Council Candidate Apologizes for Comments about Mexicans

Los Angeles City Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali has had to apologize for comments he made about Mexicans in a video that is almost 10 years old.

The video, which has since been removed, was featured on Bray-Ali's YouTube page.

In it he is holding his young daughter and says to the camera:

“Dear Mexican, I’d like to know why all my neighbors think that the doorbell is a car horn. They wake up my baby.”

The video titled "Ask a Mexican — Mexican Doorbell” was only about 13 seconds long but also had text below it.

“Why do some of my neighbors think that their car's horn is a doorbell? The asians, whites, and other groups I live near don't honk to tell their friends they have arrived. What is up with the mexicans?”

Bray-Ali's campaign spokesman Micheal Atkins has made apologies on the candidates behalf. 

“Joe apologizes...he says the comment was stupid and it’s amazing how social media can remind of the mistakes of youth. This was nine years ago.”

The video was sent to reporters by Bray-Ali's opponent in the race, City Councilman Gil Cedillo after Bray-Ali called him out to denounce a racist comment made during a debate this week.

During the debate an audience member shouted to Bray-Ali "Go back to India".

Cedillo says he didn't hear the comment but he denounced the slur later.

"I know from personal experience how hateful remarks can hurt. That is why I would like Mr. Bray-Ali to explain remarks he made on a YouTube video on March 9, 2008."

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