Ann Coulter is Going to Berkeley Whether They Like It or Not

Conservative author Ann Coulter is planning on coming to Berkeley despite the university cancelling her appearance. 

UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof says the cancellation was due to security concerns.

"We could not find a venue that would allow us to offer safety and security to the speaker, to those who would attend the event to our neighbors, as well as those who might choose to lawfully oppose her appearance."

She says the university cancelling her speech is censorship and she did her best to comply with the demands the school had for her.

"So I agreed to all of their demands and wake up this morning and see they sent out a letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech, and they're so committed to it...but we're just canceling her anyway."

University officials said the final decision was brought down after they assessed the damage and violence seen on campus during former Breitbart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos to speak.

The violence from this event amassed national attention, even from the White House.

Regardless, Coulter says she will come to campus and deliver her speech 

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