OC man faked kidnapping to extort money from his mom

(Robert Nunez: Santa Ana Police Department)

Here's a real winner of a person for you today. 31-year-old Robert Nunez from Santa Ana was arrested this week on suspicion of faking his own kidnapping and trying to extort a measly $300 from his mom.

Nunez's mom called police last Sunday when she said she hadn't heard from her son in a few days.

She said Nunez struggled with drugs and she tried to help him, taking care of him while he was homeless.

The mother told police she'd received messages saying her son would be killed if she didn't pay a ransom. She also got pictures of weapons and a saw, which would allegedly be used to torture Nunez.

Investigators found Nunez in Anaheim in a car with another man. After some questioning, they determined Nuenz was behind the texts sent to his mother and the hostage plan.

He was arrested for extortion.

Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said this kind of crime has been growing across the country. This is the third fake-hostage case in Santa Ana this month. 

Three in one month, in one city!

In addition to causing families stress, fake-hostage cases take a toll on investigators as they have to drop what they're doing to focus on the new case.

Speaking about the Nunez case, Bertagna said:

“The homicide unit had to stop their three open (homicide cases) to help this guy from supposedly being murdered. They take away resources that are needed to address real problems.”

Nunez sounds like a creep. He probably just wanted drug money. 

Read more at KFI News.

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