Nurse Works Magic For Kids With Dry-Erase Markers

There are some REALLY awesome people in this world, and people whose jobs are all about helping others are at the top of that list in my book.

Edgar Palomo is one of them.

Edgar is a nurse who works at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

His patients are kids who are fighting cancer, a heartbreaking sight for anyone to see.

Edgar is also an artist, and he's REALLY good.  So he decided to combine his love for caring for people and his love for art to try to keep the kids spirits high while they are in his care.

So he started doing drawings on the dry-erase boards found in patient rooms much to the delight of his patients and their families.  He says he takes requests from the kids or their families to draw whatever they want him to, whatever will make them happy.  


Edgar says his job comes first, so sometimes the drawings take awhile, telling ABC News

"I can usually only work on the drawings a little bit at a time when I have some free time.  And there's not always downtime.  Therefore, a drawing can take one or two weeks, depending on how busy the unit is.  But anything to bring a smile it worth doing."

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