L.A. starts 'Everyone is welcome' campaign against travel ban

On Tuesday, officials for Los Angeles tourism launched an ‘Everyone is welcome' campaign in retaliation against the Trump travel ban.

The campaign uses a video that lasts for about 93 seconds which shows various destinations in Los Angeles such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and people of different backgrounds “hugging, dancing and skateboarding.”

Los Angeles tourism officials said that the intention and purpose of the video is to show people that L.A. welcomes foreign visitors with open arms.

Ernest Wooden Jr., the chief executive of Discover Los Angeles, said, “Diversity and inclusivity have always been cornerstones of Los Angeles culture, but there has never been a more crucial time to reinforce these points.” 

Last year, around 47 million tourists visited Los Angeles. But if there is an “anti-welcome message,” then there could be a loss in international visitors, resulting in the county losing $736 million in revenue from tourism spending.

Discover Los Angeles, the region’s tourism board, will play the campaign video on its social media platforms. The video will also play on social media throughout other countries such as Mexico and Australia.

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