DMV test runs self-service kiosks at UC Irvine

The Department of Motor Vehicles has installed its first ‘vehicle-registration kiosk’ outside the field offices at the University of California, Irvine campus.

The self-service kiosk is meant to act as a ‘time-saver’ for people. The DMV also is planning to add kiosks in nine supermarkets throughout Los Angeles County as a test-run.

Jessica Gonzalez, a DMV spokeswoman, said, “This is the next step-taking the DMV business out of the field office.”

The kiosks, which give quick and efficient services, are supplied by Intellectual Technology located out in Carlsbad.

The kiosks, also called DMV Now terminals, can process vehicle registrations and payments within minutes. Customers can then receive their registration tags and cards right away.

“It’s faster and you get the sticker right away,” said Itzel Salgado, a customer who uses the self-service kiosk at a DMV in Santa Ana. “One time, I did it through the mail and it got lost. So I started coming here. I have four cars, so I feel like I’m here all the time.”

Salgado was able to get her vehicle registered in less than a minute when using the kiosk.

The DMV has already added DMV Now kiosks to about 60 of its field office locations and if the DMV ‘pilot program’ has a positive turnout, then more will be added in locations other than the field offices.

“If the pilot is successful and others are interested, we will be able to expand it more,” Gonzalez said.

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