Angry 7-Eleven man arrested

Remember the guy who got fed up at a Santa Ana 7-Eleven, thrashed the counter tops, and shoved the clerk?

Well, police finally arrested the guy. His name is Daniel Fine, he's 41-years-old, and he was found at a sober living home in Santa Ana.

Detectives got a number of tips that Fine was the man seen in the surveillance video, where you can see him get pretty upset after his card was declined when he tried to buy some M&Ms.

Fine leaned over the counter, hit the cashier on the head, shoved the registers to the floor, and then threw a banana before walking out.

Police said Fine caused about $700 in damages.

Fine's life doesn't sound very...fine.

Let's hope he can get his life together so he can buy M&Ms in peace.

Read more at KTLA.

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