A chef who cooks with cannabis has plans to open a restaurant in Santa Monica

California legalized the consumption and sale of marijuana last November, and while regulatory challenges remain, one chef in Santa Monica is already making plans to start a cannabis themed restaurant next year. 

Chris Sayegh, the CEO and Head Chef of The Herbal Chef joined Jo Kwon to talk about his upcoming plans to bring high end food to the cannabis cuisine. 

Sayegh says the type of cooking he does is more of a science. 

"Really, we're just trying to control dosages for specific diners so they don't get overwhelmed. Dose it out so that you just feel the comeup ever so slightly, and you just get a little elevated to this euphoric level."

As for the experience, Sayegh says with a smile that yes, you will indeed get high eating one of his meals. 

Sayegh says he can pretty much cook anything with cannabis. "I have a water soluble method that we can infuse stocks, to oils that we can infuse in any fats." 

The Herbal Chef says that when he opens Herb, he plans on offer packages that include rides to and from his 'secret location' as well as a medical marijuana card from Presto Doctor. 

Sayegh says he plans on opening the new restaurant before the end of the year. 

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