Jon Coupal: 'More sleight of hand with gas tax hikes'

We're doing what we can to battle the gas and car tax hike that Jerry Brown and his shady democrats passed. 

Carl DeMaio at our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego is working to repeal the tax and recall Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton). Newman is a freshman Senator who'll vote for whatever his party wants.  He voted for SB 54 and the tax raise, he's gotta go!

Click here to read more about the repeal/recall effort, and be sure to sign the petition.

Frequent show guest and taxpayer crusader Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, has been very vocal about the damage this latest legislation will cause.

Read his latest column, "More sleight of hand with gas tax hikes:"

"If Gov. Brown and members of the California Legislature think that the backlash against the car and gas tax increases will subside any time soon, they are mistaken. The controversy continues to dominate both traditional and social media and, in fact, the more that taxpayers learn about these transportation tax hikes the angrier they get.

Our political elites are learning that taxes on cars and gasoline remain very unpopular because they fall disproportionately on the working Californians — which is where the majority of voters reside. And the resentment might only grow when the taxes actually kick. Just wait until the bills from the DMV start showing up in the mail starting in January of next year and the gas tax increase starts even earlier in November of this year.

There are times when Californians are simply resigned to pay higher taxes imposed by Sacramento, but this might not be one of those times. Many are calling for a referendum of the tax hikes only to be disappointed with the news that, under the California Constitution, a tax increase can’t be repealed via a referendum. Nonetheless, it is possible that the tax package can be rolled back via an initiative and some groups are pondering that course of action. Other interests want more immediate action and are openly discussing recall efforts against some legislators who supported the tax package..."

Click here to continue reading the piece at the OC Register.

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