Man arrested after giving co-worker cannabis edible in Thousand Oaks

A man was arrested last Wednesday after the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said he gave a co-worker an "edible" chocolate bar without telling her that it was laced with pot. 

Cops say the 20 year old woman was unable to continue her shift at a restaurant in Thousand Oaks. After she ate the chocolate she began to experience all kinds of physical symptoms including shortness of breath, confusion and disorientation. The marijuana infused bar caused her to get so disoriented she had to stop working. The victim eventually had to be taken to a medical facility for treatment.

Police say the suspect knowingly gave the victim the edible. Cops arrested the guy last week after they searched his car and found the same type bar, dozens of ecstasy pills and thousands and cash from what they say it's likely profits from illegal drug sales

The original incident happened on March 12. 

More here from the VC Star

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