Details on Assemblyman Travis Allen's bill to stop Sanctuary Cities in California

What: Assemblyman Travis Allen and victims’ families in support of AB 1252 (legislation to fight sanctuary policies being heard in Public Safety Committee at 8:30 a.m.) and against SB 54

Where: Capitol Room 127 

When: Tuesday, April 18 from 7:45 AM-8:25AM 

Details: As SB 54 makes its way through the Assembly, families of the victims of criminals who are here illegally are beginning to step forward. For example, Agnes Gibboney, a woman who immigrated to California at the age of 13, lost her son to a previously deported illegal alien.

“On April 27, 2002 my only son Ronald da Silva was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien. Where was Ronald’s sanctuary city? Where was my family’s sanctuary city and the sanctuary city for all those families whose family member was killed by those who should have never been in our country? Without AB 1252, I fear my son’s murderer could be set free, to walk out neighborhoods. I fear that he may come after me, my children, and my family.”- Agnes Gibboney, mother of victim of a criminal illegal alien

Join Assemblyman Travis Allen, America First Latinos, Parents of Murdered Children, the Remembrance Project, and We the People Rising and more for a press conference discussing the dangerous consequences of sanctuary policies that are affecting California families.

Speakers to include:

  • Agnes Gibboney, Parents of Murdered Children
  • Raul Rodriguez, America First Latinos 
  • Patrice Lynes, We the People Rising
  • Chanell Temple, We the People Rising
  • Juan Pina, the Remembrance Project

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