How to slash your electric bill by killing 'vampire' power drains

High electric bills can make wallets empty and paychecks disappear, but there are some ways to make sure that those bills stay low.

Around 40 electronic objects are plugged in each household, including chargers, televisions, cable/satellite boxes, computers and game consoles. But these products constantly use electricity and can use 25% of power even if turned off.

The most easy and simple way to cut down the electricity bill is to manually unplug products and gadgets from the wall after use. Also putting electronics like computers on sleep mode reduces the amount of power consumed. 

But if it’s easy to forget to unplug something, there are also specific cords and switches where you can set a timer when an electronic product can turn on and off.  

When buying power chords, it is important to make sure that there is an Energy Star sticker somewhere on the product. This means that the product is more “energy efficient.”

Although LED lights are a tad more expensive than incandescent or florescent light bulbs, LED lights use up less power.

Some LED lights even have the ability to join a Wi-Fi network for “automation and control.”

There are also ‘smart’ thermostats that allow someone to change heating and cooling systems from other electronics like a smartphone or tablet. These types of thermostats can help lower heating and cooling bills.

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