San Diego Files Lawsuit to Block Border Wall

An environmental group--the Center for Biological Diversity, is filing the first lawsuit against President Trump's US-Mexico border wall.

The group argues that the construction of the barrier from San Diego to Texas would have a major impact on jaguars, wolves and other species in the border.

Executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity says the wall will only destroy the borderlands.

“[The] ugly wall will do little more than divide and destroy our magnificent borderlands...If we’re going to stop it, we have to make a stand right now.”

The suit targets the agency in charge of the project--the US Department of Homeland Security.

The agency has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

The US-Mexico border has 653 miles of fencing and San Diego has 60 miles with 46 of them being barriers.

That includes 13 miles of double fencing to prevent nightly mass crossings from Tijuana.

Trump is asking Congress for almost $1 billion to begin the construction of the wall that includes adding an additional 14 miles of fencing to San Diego land that doesn't already have barriers.

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