License plate requests rejected by the DMV

Over the past year, the California DMV has had to turn down dozens of vanity plate applications each month because people are submitting white nationalist phrases.

The DMV is no stranger to immature phrases like “PASZGAZ and “BUBEEE,” but white nationalism?

Plates with plates that have "HH," "88," and "18," which can represent well-known codes for Hitler and Nazism.

One driver as denied “1KTKKK8" because the DMV said it could be a reference to the KKK.

Another submission that was denied was "PEPE Y." The explanation was that it meant "peppy car" and that it was a "dog's name." The DMV said it could be a reference to Pepe the Frog, a meme that has since become a symbol of white nationalism.

Here's some other vanity plates that have been denied:

(Credit: SF Chronicle, CA DMV)

A look at the DMV's records show references to sex, vulgar language, and violence leading the list of rejects. Not far behind that were potential references to white supremacy. Also rejected were other political statements like "IH8TRMP," which was also turned down.

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