Former San Diego mayor suing city after sidewalk fall busted his wife's breast implants

Ex-San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock and his wife are suing the city after she fell on a broken sidewalk in July 2015 and broke her breast implants, eventually requiring her to get replacement surgery.

The Hedgecocks said the damages suffered are well over $25,000, saying that the city of San Diego was negligent and careless by not fixing a 2.5 concrete lip in the sidewalk caused by a tree.

According to the lawsuit, Cynthia Hedgecock had "serious personal injuries" when she "flew forward and came crashing to the ground."

Two weeks after the fall, she went to a medical clinic with chest pain and "breast deformities." She then learned that both of her silicone breast implants had ruptured and that silicone had been leaking into her bloodstream.

In November 2015 she had both implants removed and replaced in what was described as a "grueling procedure."

Roger Hedgecock is a co-plaintiff, alleging he suffered “the loss of support, service, love, companionship, society, affection, relations and solace from his wife.”

This isn't the first time San Diego has been sued over its sidewalks. In the last two years the city of San Diego has agreed to three other sidewalk settlements for $75,000, $98,000, and $235,000.

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